Youth Advisory Panel: What is it?

Youth Advisory Panel: What is it?

At Tramshed we recognise the importance of listening to young people, because without hearing the voices of our users, how can we know what is needed and how can we do what is best for the community?

This is one of the reasons why we have created the Youth Advisory Panel (YAP for short). The future is constantly changing and we want a head start by going straight to the source; the youth of today's Greenwich and Lewisham.

The Youth Advisory Panel is made up of a group of young people aged 11-18. They are at the heart of the decisions we make at Tramshed and impact who we are and what we do. By having regular meetings and consistent communication we are able to keep up to date with our ever-evolving communities.

Youth voices are invaluable, especially in today's climate as many social norms are changing. Much like our young people, we must be adaptable and this panel sits at the centre of our commitment to the community.

In addition to helping us, in true Tramshed spirit, we want to help them!

By joining this panel these young people are gaining valuable skills such as leadership and are learning to Question, Influence and Represent in a mature and progressive environment.

As well as making a difference in their community!

The future is at the forefront of our minds, and the YAP allows us to look ahead. Its aim is to keep us relevant, modern and on the pulse.

We are all ears! So if you think you have ideas or suggestions and are aged 11 -18, Click here and find how you can get involved with Tramshed's Youth Advisory Panel.

If you are not within these age ranges but still want to help, Donate Here or email our Participation Manager Elle at [email protected]

Don't forget to share this with your friends and tag @tramshed so we can continue to grow!

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