11 October 2021

Stories from our Communities: 50 Years of being a force for change

Stories from our Communities: 50 Years of being a force for change

Tramshed in all its iterations has played an important part of so many people’s lives, from fostering a creative flair in acclaimed writer Bernardine Evaristo, to supporting Gary Oldman at the beginning of his career. 

We have been gathering stories from our communities and we've collated a few here - 

"I have fond memories of performing at the Tramshed in 1987-1989. We started opening on a Tuesday and worked up to headlining on Fridays. Good crowd, knew we were local. Congratulations on turning 50!" - Paul Golding

"I was 23 when I first started coming here, I'm 63 and I still love coming here" - Ford Knott

"I have lots of fond memories. I started coming to GYPT/GLYPT when I was 11 and it was in different places. I'm 34 now and I still love coming to Reach every Monday at Tramshed." - Felicity Kate Turner

Our Ambassador Bernardine Evaristo might be a familiar name to you as she is a Booker Prize winner an an alum of Greenwich Young People's Theatre. Bernardine sites her time at GYPT as a powerful force for change in her life, supporting her in discovering her creativity.

Read more about Bernardine's story on the Guardian

We are continuing to gather stories from the Tramshed, so if you have a story you want to share get in touch with us; send us your story however you'd like, write about it, video yourself having a chat, send us a voice note, create something! However you want to share we're here for it!

You can email: [email protected]
You can DM us on our socials - 
Instagram: @tramshed_  | Facebook: @tramshedarts  | Twitter: @Tramshed__

You can pop in and add to our Share your Stories board or have a chat with our lovely staff, we're at 41 Woolwich New Road SE18 6ET.

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