Generator: Online

Generator: Online

Fri 19th March 2021 - Fri 19th March 2021

Tramshed's regular scratch showcase is back.

As part of our artist development programme Progression, we are hosting Generator, an online showcase of new scratch and works in progress by the hottest, most experimental emerging artists.

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The artists/ Companies 

Jaka Skapin and Cherilyn Albert
Loop the Mood
A live and improvised, voice and movement duet that explores what happens when we stop and examine a feeling that we would rather move away from. You'll be able to listen and watch, as well as join in from your own home if you want to. No mood is off the table!

Cheeky Chin
In the Ullambana Sutra, the Buddha instructs his disciple Maudgalyayana on how to obtain liberation for his deceased mother in the hungry ghost realm. The year of 2020 has witnessed so much loss and grief in almost every aspect of our life. The project aims to find an emotional outlet for worries and anxiety in the uncertain times using East-Asian mythology, messages of love, and memories.

Seb & Hannah
Colour May Fade
We explore the daunting yet liberating prospect of surrendering to another person’s gaze. The idea of releasing your inhibitions, then allowing yourself to truly see and be seen by another person.

Minnie Crook
Re-tracing the Forgotten
This new work-in-progress live performance will explore themes of memory, loss and nostalgia whilst discovering how live digital works might measure the experience of personal and collective grief during this current time.

Zhaolin Zhou(Ants Theatre)
Walking Cats
You may have heard that one cat has nine lives. But what if, instead, nine cats shared one life?
A grey cat walks towards a pine tree on Kilburn High Street. It sees itself. Nine worlds merge. Under a pine tree on Kilburn High Street.

Knickers Theatre
The UnPlausibles: A study of Dog Whistles and Echo Chambers
'The UnPlausibles' highlights how misinformation and disinformation permeate online news cycles and take many different guises. This mockumentary sees 6 clownish caricatures from all walks of life using social media to share their very strong opinions about the world

Out of the Blue Theatre
The Whispering Gallery
What does silence sound like?
How much would it cost to hear it?
Are we willing to pay the price?
Join us for Out of The Blue Theatre's latest experiment in storytelling.

Silver Pelican Entertainment (Ltd.)
Mundane Radio
A radio comedy on a fictional small alternative radio station, Krash FM, with two presenters who are struggling to fill up their time slot.

Vân Bùi
I once dreamt that I was a peacock
Experimenting with filming shadows and pondering about dreams resulted in this short video.

Ella Tighe
FOLD // ER is a performance through video conferencing which investigates the space of the desktop as a place for performance. Investigating an overall research into 'Surrender', it looks into the relations between spectator and performer when control is given and lost.

Poor Mother
Lockdown Listening: Paper 1
“Lockdown Listening: Paper 1” is a performative exam, where participants will take part in a mock, GCSE-style test paper. There is no way to fail, but cheating is impossible.

Alex Leak
Making Masks on Zoom 
Making masks on zoom is an exploration of the feelings we all go through whilst presenting ourselves, two actors performing a play have to begin by saying their name, but sadly they struggle to get that far exploring how they want to present themselves. All under the confines of a zoom call. Pushing zoom to its limits.


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19th March

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