Digitally Charged

Digitally Charged

17th, 18th, 19th July

Online across multiple platforms.

Digitally CHARGED is the TRAMSHED's 2-day festival of digital work created during Lockdown by emerging artists.

We may have all been locked down and locked in but our creative spirits have still be soaring. Come together with us online to watch the incredible live performance work young and emerging artists have been making whilst in lockdown. The limitations of staying home and social distancing have been embraced by these artists to make new work the likes of which has never been experienced before. 

Across Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter this festival will bring innovation to your homes from their homes. 

Line Up

Fri 17 July
4pm The Viewpoints Zoom Experiment (60 mins)
5.30pm Wriot's 'Poetry Party' (90 mins)
7.30pm Love & Information (60 mins)
9pm PataFlaFla (30 mins)
10pm Cybergame (45 mins)
11.15pm Smoothly Muted (15 mins)
23.59pm Untitled Party Project 5.3 (30 mins)

Sat 18 July
12noon The New Jumper (30 mins)
1.30pm The Internship (15 mins)
2.15pm Dinner at Solano’s (45 mins)
3.30pm The Exquisite Apple Adventures (15 mins)
4pm Firsts (30 mins)
5.30pm Your Questions in Motion (30 mins)
6.30pm STRINGS (22 mins)
7.30pm The Clap (30 mins)
8.30pm Global Enhancers (45 mins)
9.45pm One Man Shows (45 mins)
11pm What I Did Instead of Playing The Sims 2 (30  mins)
23.59pm Untitled Party Project 5.3 (30 mins)

Sun 19 July
1pm Narcotic Ring (60 mins)
1.30pm The Internship (15 mins)
2.15pm Dinner at Solano’s (45 mins)
3pm Narcotic Ring (60 mins)
3.30 The Exquisite Apple Adventures (15 mins)
5pm Narcotic Ring (60 mins)
5pm Thoughts of an Incoherent Mind (30 mins)
6pm Things We Do Not Know: A Workshop Performance' (60 mins)
7.30pm See-Through (60 mins)

Booking will open soon.


Want to support this work?

This festival will be free to watch, but we encourage you to donate the cost of a ticket to support these artists, and to support the Tramshed to continue to be able to offer new and meaningful opportunities. 

This donation campaign will support these artists at a time where there are few opportunities in the sector. With your kind donations we can deliver this work, platform these artists, and ensure they are remunerated for their work. 

Donate here. 

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