Mon 20th March 2023 - Fri 24th March 2023

Mon 20th-Fri 24 Mar | …Rome is formidable, but she is fierce…

Tramshed, in partnership with Wild Geese Theatre Company, present BOUDICA.

One woman stands against the greatest civilization ever known. She fights for the freedom of her people. Rome is formidable. But she is fierce. She won’t back down. The question is...should she?

Written by Award-Winning writer, Olivia Hirst, BOUDICA is a fast-paced, action-packed show steered by charming characters, with an innovative approach to engaging with the audience. We use experienced facilitators to bring the children into the world of the play through rhythmic participation, atmospheric activities & playing key characters. The story is dramatically told from both sides, challenging the children to ask... Who am I going to fight for?

Boudica’s husband is dead. The Tribe has lost its leader. Life in Britannia is changing and not everyone wants to change with it. When Boudica comes to reclaim her throne from Roman rule, she is caught, punished and thrown down. Paulinus is the Roman Governor stationed in Britannia. He believes in what the Romans do, but is often conflicted by how he has to do it. Boudica is brave, she is fierce and she will not lay down her sword. She can never forgive the Romans for what they’ve done to her, her daughters, and her people. Will she find the courage to fight for what she believes in?

Immersive theatre from Award-Winning Children's Theatre Company Wild Geese. In partnership with Tramshed.

Great for Key Stage 2 (Years 3 & 4) pupils who have just learned or are about to learn about Ancient Rome and/or the Saxons!

Suitable for ages 5-11.

There will also be an opportunity to meet the cast afterwards and ask questions about the production. Each class will also receive a Teacher Resource Pack, with ways of following up the production in class.


Event Information

 Ticket Price

Tickets are £5 per head for one class
To save your school money,  you wish to purchase group tickets:
£4.50 per head for 2 classes 
£4 per head for 3 or 4 classes 


51-53 Woolwich New Road
SE18 6ES


Monday 20th to Friday 24th March 2023
10am and 1:30pm each day

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