Early Career Artists

Early Career Artists

Tramshed is working with an Artist Steering Group to co-design a new support programme for early career artists. The artists we have worked with are Aaliyah James, Audrey Corno of Moi Ko Theatre, Banana School Collective, HRH Aphrodite, Kat Pegler, Lata Nobes, Steve Fletcher of Dusk Ensemble. Main Image is HRH Aphrodite in ‘The Trial of Agatha Christie’.

This programme will be funding dependent in 2024 and we will update this page regularly with any news. 

Lata Nobes, North Star Theatre, photo by Henry Roberts


All group members are aged between 21-29 who have engaged with the Tramshed team as new theatre companies, as tutors, during their time here as a Rose Bruford Student or as a mentor to young producers.



Kat Pegler, Co-Founder of Creative sustainability at Kerbside Collective, Eco-mythmaking at Pure Imagination, Neurodiverse Creative Platform Leo 


We have used a working agreement to make sure that our processes offer: 

  • Focussed and nourishing space
  • Room to take risks and be creative
  • Support in big ideas that jut the status quo (including in the processes)
  • Empathy in chaotic lives!
  • A space to be valued
  • Trust in the expertise of participants (regardless of age or title)
  • Support with pricing for programme/engagement 
  • Freedom of expression


Echo Chamber by Dusk Ensemble

If you are looking for support with your practice as a professional artist, please do check our socials for opportunities we post from our own programme and other organisations who can offer existing dedicated activities such as Theatre PeckhamArts Admin and Camden People's Theatre.


Audrey Corno during Moi Ko R&D


We know there is a need for more immediate workspace and investment in mentorship, your time and growth as a business. In a future Tramshed programme we will prioritise offering

  • Access to rehearsal spaces 
  • Skill swaps and targeted business advice on marketing, tour booking and finance
  • An equitable approach - everyone will have the same welcome, some artists will need more support to experience that


I wish this was a play about a GIANT toad Banana School Collective, photo by Rachel Ferriman

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