Our weather policy

Outdoor Events: Procedures for Tramshed, our partners and audiences 

We are excited to be bringing a season of fun, accessible arts to venues for people across Greenwich Borough and beyond. The UK summer weather can be glorious – and unpredictable. We have set out the following guidelines for everyone taking part outdoors if our events are affected by inclement or extreme weather.  


Inclement weather affecting an event outdoors may include:  
  • Persistent light to heavy rain 
  • Winds above 24 miles an hour but below 48 miles an hour (6-9 on the Beaufort Scale) 
  • Temperature below 13 degrees or above 24 degrees 
Extreme Weather Events include: 
  • Flooding 
  • Heat stress from temperatures over 40 degrees 
  • Lightening 
  • Winds over 48 miles per hour (10 on the Beaufort Scale)  

We will look at the weather a week ahead of every event.

If there is an extreme weather event forecast, we will talk to our partners at the venue sites and the artists in the programme at least 3 days in advance. However, we may decide to make an early cancellation to avoid artists and audiences travelling in dangerous conditions.  


Early Cancellation 

If an event has to be cancelled the day before the event or earlier due to extreme weather Tramshed will endeavour to reschedule the activity if possible for the site and artists. Where this is possible, Tramshed will offer to carry forward all tickets for the new date. Where it is not possible to re-arrange events or audience members are not available for dates, all ticket costs will be fully refunded

Delaying an Event 

The Tramshed Duty Manager will discuss the event timetable with artists and venue managers based on the risk assessments for the activities. If performances can be reasonably rescheduled on the day they will be.  

Abandoning an Event 
  • If an event has to abandoned during the course of day due to weather conditions, we will offer the following: 
  • If a performance has not begun or just begun (under 15 minutes) we will offer an exchange or refund 
  • If a performance has been underway for more than 15 minutes, we will offer an exchange  


Letting You Know 

Tramshed will be in touch with any change of plans using the contact details you provide when booking your ticket. We will usually try to send an email but will call if we are not sure you have received updates. 

A Tramshed team member will always attend the venue on the day of a planned event to explain our decisions to those who arrive.  

If plans change during the event Tramshed will make announcements and support you to make future plans. 

Planning Ahead 

To make the most out of your day out check the weather and pack for 4 seasons in one day!

Don’t forget your:  

  • Sunscreen
  • Water 
  • Waterproof coat
  • Blanket

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