Taking Part and Working Safely At Tramshed

Taking Part and Working Safely At Tramshed

Taking Part and Working Safely At Tramshed, September 2020:

These rules have been created to make a safe space for all our team and users during the Covid-19 pandemic. These rules will remain in place until further notice or the government tells us the pandemic is over.

Our spaces are used by many people from a wide cross-section of the community. Some groups are more at risk than others during this time and we ask you to remember that not all vulnerabilities are visible. Please act with kindness and tolerance during this difficult time for all. 

Instructions to all staff and users: 

  1. Do not enter the building if you are feeling unwell
  2. If you become unwell please leave the building as soon as you can and let us know if your symptoms match Covid-19. Contact us by email at [email protected]  We will keep your information safe and confidential
  3. Tracking and Tracing – we support the NHS Test and Trace and Contract Tracing systems. We will ask you to sign into the building as usual with your name at reception, but also take a contact number and/or email address. We will ask if you have read this information and whether you feel well. A register may also be taken by your group lead  
  4. Social distancing of 2 meters is in place ideally throughout the building and never less than 1 meter. There are signs on each floor to show distances 
  5. Taking Temperatures – having a high temperature is one of the symptoms of Covid-19. We would like to take temperatures of people arriving at the building using a touch-free infrared thermometer. You don’t have to do this but it will help us, and you, to understand if you are free from symptoms 
  6. A one way system is in place - front staircase for up, back staircase for down with corridor for exiting through the theatre – please follow the signs 
  7. Tutors and group leaders, including hirers, are leading on guidelines, to make sure people are following these rules in their sessions
  8. Ventilation - The team will make sure there is as much fresh air as possible across our 4 floors. In the levelly accessed ground floor we offer a theatre space which is a black box without windows. When we can we will open the door to the theatre and front door to the building to allow air in. From 1st floor up windows can be opened for a through flow of air
  9. The Lift - One person at a time in the lift (except for users with a carer), please only use the lift if absolutely necessary
  10. Hygiene - Please wash your hands well and regularly. There are also hand sanitiser dispensers on all floors at entrances and exits. All staff and visitors are asked to make use of them
  11. PPE – Tramshed welcomes use of gloves, aprons, masks and face shields in the building. Users do not have to wear masks and gloves in the building. We recognise people may not be wearing PPE at Tramshed for many reasons including their general health and wellbeing. We will provide face shields and gloves for all Tramshed staff / tutors using the building if requested
  12. Signage – Please note and follow the signs around the building. If anything is not clear please let team members know in person or via our Programme Administrator Tom on [email protected]
  13. The 3rd Floor (staff offices & kitchen) should only be used by staff, please wait at reception for a staff member if you have a meeting. The kitchen is not available to community users of the building during this time. The urn will be left full, in the space, when required
  14. Regular cleaning – Cleaning will happen in the building before it opens and between 3-5pm daily. Please help our staff by cleaning the area you have been using if you can. Materials are available on each floor
  15. Groups will be given a room maximum capacity set by Tramshed for each space at any one time. This will also be listed on a sign in each room. During this time groups may be asked to use different spaces than they have before. This is to help us work safely with as many people as possible 
  16. In order for us to help people reduce contacts with staggered bookings of spaces we request groups stick to the arrival and leave times agreed with Tramshed

Tramshed welcomes suggestions from all users to maintain the building as a safe space. Please contact our Programme Administrator Tom with any questions, ideas or problems on [email protected] 


Signs you might see during your visit at Tramshed

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