EPIC DIY Blockbuster: Meet the Companies

EPIC DIY Blockbuster: Meet the Companies

Join us this Friday 26th March at 9:00pm for an EPIC showcase of DIY blockbusters, created completely in lockdown! You can find out more and book tickets here.

All ticket proceeds go straight to the artists, and your support goes a long way!

Here is a glimpse of what we have coming up...

Dirk Haribo: A War Stars Story

Set in a parody version of the Star Wars universe and created by These Streets Productions, follow the story of disgraced alcoholic and spaceship captain Dirk Haribo as he is marooned on Mos Eisley in Dirk Haribo: A War Stars Story. Insert Wilhelm Scream here!

Lata is a multidisciplinary artist. She has directed various plays including for the Camden Fringe, York Takeover Festival. During lockdown she has become interested in making short experimental films.

Stan Carrodus has acted in Lata's productions of ‘Amadeus' (Oxford Playhouse, 2016), and 'Not About Heroes' (Lion and Unicorn, 2016). During 2020 he made an ongoing audio comedy to entertain his friends, called ‘Auntie Elspeth’s Lockdown’, which he hopes to release to the public soon.

Alistair Silcox is a designer and dramaturg. He has collaborated on projects with Lata including 'Richard III’ and 'The Mozart Question' (Camden Fringe 2018 and 2019). He is passionate about LEGO, and dreams of one day working for Industrial Light and Magic (the Star Wars set design company).

Niyi Ọṣibọtę is new to the world of acting. He is interested in telling stories, anthropology, music and ethics.

Twitter: @lata_nobes @neyobrasky @alistairsilcox

I'm not sure who I am. But I've got two dollars and eighty-five cents and I'm hungry

In this 'choose-your-own-ending' reprisal of the pilot episode of The Twilight Zone, follow James Rawcliffe in as a man wakes up on an abandoned planet not knowing who he is.


Matthew is known for winning the contemporary category of BBC Young Dancer. Recent work includes: Manchester International Festival, Homotopia, Kneehigh Theatre, The Pappy Show Physical Theatre and Kissing Project. As the days go by he is getting more and more freaked out by eggs.


Twitter: @mjamesrawcliffe

Instagram: @matthewrawcliffe

Website: www.matthewrawcliffe.com

Alice's Adventures in Wild Wonderland

Join Alice as she goes on a rootin' tootin' adventure through wild wonderland, where she meets more bizarre folk than you can shake a stick at. Alice meets all the old favourites with a twist on them, as she ventures through this whimsical Wild West created by south London based queer couple Hermione & Phillipa.


Hermione & Phillipa are a queer couple based in south London, both with backgrounds in theatre and art. Hermione is a visual artist and drag performer, and Philippa is a voice over artist and actress. Together they aim to create bizarre, comedic and visually pleasing work that we hope will inject joy into your day.


Instagram: @hermionefallon @phillyjam @little.girl.sad

Twitter: @philyjam_


Join Women not Girls as they bring you the Women's guide to Inception, WOM-IN-CEPTION. The Women (not girls) focus on recreating the iconic scenes of Inception while helping you understand Christopher Nolan's complex masterpiece. Prepare to have your mind blown!


Women not Girls are an all-female Comedy Trio who create sketches, parody's and dub innocent children's TV shows. The Women are the least influential influencers on the net, who use their fame to expose humanity’s hypocrisy’s… although its usually by accident! The women debuted in 2019 at the Southend fringe and have since created 9 video sketches throughout the three lockdowns.


Twitter: @womennotgirls


Exploring the interface between fiction and reality through the life of a tax advisor who is suddenly confronted by mysterious forces taking him somewhere he has never been before, join Matteo Mikkelsen & Nina Laumann as they bring you their take on Twin Peaks, Self Assessment.


Self Assessment consists of members Nina Laumann, costume designer and shoemaker, and Matteo Mikkelsen, actor. During the constrained summer of 2020, they managed to develop and record scenes of 12 different characters as part of a portfolio collaboration named Karakterkrebinetten. The characters span from a '18th century dandy' to a white-trash gangster and from a 70's politician to a modern day vampire, whereof the latter character eventually expanded to the short film, 'Medium Roast'.


Instagram: @matteomikkelsen

Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith

A twist on a classic - The Dark Side tempts a young Jedi away from the light... Alien Jefferson uses home made footage along with creative stop motion to recreate the magic of Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith! This piece was created both in the UK and Denmark.


Alien Jefferson is a British/Danish theatre company that creates bright and colourful pieces of work to entertain those of any age. They all come from different backgrounds and aim to create imaginative and fun work. They also have experience in a variety of styles one of which being stop-motion.


Twitter: @_alienjefferson

Instagram: @_alienjefferson

Website: https://alienjefferson.com/


Don't miss the just-off Leicester Square premier of these guaranteed spoof classics, they are going to be EPIC! See what we did there?

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