Dr Carnsky's Radial Cabaret - The showcase origin story

Dr Carnsky's Radial Cabaret - The showcase origin story

Before you become immersed into the radical world of Cabaret during Dr Carnesky's Radical Cabaret showcase, let us take a look at behind the scenes of this wondrous event!


Dr Carnesky's Radical Cabaret school was delivered in collaboration with Tramshed's Progression programme of artist development.


Who is Dr Carnesky?

Marisa Carr better known as Marisa Carnesky is a British live artist and showwoman. Marisa uses spectacular entertainment forms whilst drawing on themes of contemporary ritual to investigate social issues from an ecofeminist perspective. In 2004 Dr Carnesky founded Carnesky Productions, which is a performance and theatre company responsible for original large and small scale interactive performance works.

Dr Carnesky has won many awards, including the Laurence Olivier for Best Entertainment and Time Out Best Theatre in 2004 as well as Edinburgh Festival Herald Angel in 2005.


Marisa Carnesky continues to break new ground, inspire new artists and be a revolutionary figure in the arts & cabaret world.


What is Dr Carnesky's Radical Cabaret showcase?

Dr Carnesky's Radical Cabaret school has collaborated with Tramshed to inspire, instruct and showcase radical new and emerging talents. The school has run for 3 terms during its Tramshed era and this month marks the third. On the 8th and 22nd, we will witness both a live and online showcasing of the creative and revolutionary products of the cabaret school. We are so excited to see the wonderful and taboo-breaking acts the participants have created. During the live show, we will be treated to a performance by 2010 Radical Cabaret graduate MisSa who is an iconic variety star, international recognised sword swallower, singer, poet and exhibited artist. She will be performing excerpts of her current touring solo show “Black Sheep”, you really don't want to miss it!!! Link here 


The showcase examples Tramshed's commitment to emerging artists and the success of our partnerships!


Dr Carnesky's Radical Cabaret Live Showcase will be Tramshed's first live performance since lockdown, which makes it extra special. We have so many fun and delightful events coming up this summer and we are thrilled to have Dr Carnsky's cabaret showcase kick off this summer season!


The following names are of the participants that took part in this term of Dr Carnesky's Radical Cabaret School:

Carla Keen, Charlie Wood, Donald Hutera, Emma Selwyn, Fernanda Mandagará, Gwen Delune/ Laura Gwen miles, Hannah Davis, Jack Clearwater, Jess Chaney, Jon Davies, Lorna V, Marcus, Mattie-Marie Mamode, Megan Garrett-Jones, Milo McKinnon, Poor mother (Luce Stewart), Sarah Fielding, Sasha Mulvey, Tiago Gambogi, Andre & Selma Pink, Catherine Butler, Elena Burciu, Enzo Mariani, Gen Doy, Ian Street, Josy Tenger, Mykey J Young, Rosa Garland, Tracey Smith, Xandri Selwyn

For more information on the acts and shows, check out our Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

It's gonna be a good one! So if you haven't got your tickets yet get them now! Here

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